Day 213 // The Call

He told me last night that he wouldn’t be able to call me today because he was going to have training at night. Truth be told, I wasn’t having a very pleasant day today. I can’t exactly put my finger on as to why I was feeling that way. Maybe it was due to how atrocious the weather has been lately? The hot and humid weather just makes one feel so lethargic. Anyhow, I was already mentally prepared to not receive a call from him, although deep down I badly wished that he would call and I’ll be able to hear his voice for some comfort.

My wish came true !

I was about to start on my workout when my phone’s ringtone went off. It was pretty late (almost before his lights out) when he called. I know that he must have taken the effort, regardless of how tired he was from training all day, just to give me a brief phone call.

I’m so grateful for the effort that he puts in and it’s amazing how one phone call can turn my day around.

Day 213 // The Call

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