Day 204 // The Parcel

Since it costs so much to send a package to him from Singapore, I usually refrain from doing so. Especially when the majority of what I can send to him in camp/ what he needs in camp are simply just snacks. There are actually many Korean online sites that caters to the needs of girlfriends whose boyfriends are enlisted in the army. Unfortunately, I’m not Korean/foreigner living in Korea, and that makes it a lot  harder to make payment online. No thanks to the super high security of online payments in Korea 😦 It would often sadden me when I scroll through Instagram and see other Korean girlfriends sending packages after packages of stuff to their boyfriends in camp. Being out here, I sometimes feel a little helpless when I can’t understand what he is going through or be physically there for him through his rigorous trainings. Thankfully, I was at least able to send one package over over the past 6 months 🙂 And now that my sister and her boyfriend are flying to Korea for a holiday, they’ve agreed to bring some of the stuff I bought for him over and mail it from Korea for me! 7,000 won (~ USD$7) compared to ~USD 37 for mailing fees, yay score! I’ve always wanted to surprise him with a parcel, but have always failed at doing so…. maybe next time.

Day 204 // The Parcel

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