Day 105 // 2,895 Miles Away

“When I say, “I love you,” it’s not because I want you or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try. I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are.” 

Bad days or good days, it’s amazing how he never fails to put a smile on my face even though he is 2,895 miles away with a short phone call as his only means of communicating with me. We’ve been dating for almost 28 months now, but he still gives me butterflies in my tummy whenever he calls. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to have someone as amazing as he is by my side.

I’d be a fool to let this go to waste.

Day 105 // 2,895 Miles Away

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