Day 7

It’s day 7. One week has finally passed. I can’t even put into words how long this week felt (even when I tried to occupy myself with distractions as much as possible). Only 3 more days before his mailing address comes on, and before I can finally send him letters. Over the weekend, I also went out to get some scrapbooking materials so that I can start on crafting letters to him. I’m excited to at least be able to let him know that I am always here rooting for him. At this point in time, I now understand what it means when people say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I appreciate him so much more now and I feel like my love for him has only grown stronger (sorry too much cheese !)

It’s probably no surprise that I still miss him a lot, and at some point during the day, this yearning hits a lot harder than other times. Whenever that happens, I try to think about how he would want me to feel. He’s always someone who looks out for me and truly wants me to be happy. So happy I shall be. His videos/voice notes/pictures are still what gets me through the day.

Day 7

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